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Unique Fused Glass Jewellery

How I create Seascape and Treescape Pendants

The process of jewellery making is a slow and fiddly but lovely one! I make each piece individually, with a unique design so I know that it is an entirely individual piece of wearable art.

The process begins with endless cutting and layering of tiny sections of glass to achieve the vision I want to create - this can take hours but is fun and so creative.

The piece, before it is fired, can look chaotic, but I know that once it has had it's first firing on a lovely smooth bisque tile in the kiln, it will emerge with a flat and blended surface.

Then comes the hard work - the cold working, where each piece is measured, shaped with a grinder, filed and buffed to make it the perfect pendant shape.

The next stage is then to add any hand painted elements or inclusions. This is where trees or grasses are added, or little accents of black shadows, or gold and silver highlights. Then the piece is re-fired in the kiln to fuse the finished design and ensure that the edges are smooth and perfect.

The Finished Pendant

Every piece of unique Emma Grace Glass Art jewellery is mounted with sterling silver fixings and are complete with either a sterling silver snake chain, sterling silver curb chain or a black leather/cord necklace.

Every piece is also presented in a bespoke white jewellery box.

Where to buy or find out more

As each of my pendants are unique and tend to sell fairly quickly, they are not yet available in my online shop and instead, I sell them at the various events I do.

If you would like to take a closer look at my jewellery, please do subscribe to my newsletter to find out where I next have an event.

Alternatively, you are welcome to visit my Rugby studio any time, or message me on Instagram or Facebook or by email at so that we can chat through your requirements.

Jewel Art

In addition to my jewellery, and as I love the creative process so much, I also create my jewellery designs as small wall art pieces. These are mounted on white wooden blocks, sized 12cm x 8cm or 10cm x 10cm

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