About Jackie
Emma Grace Glass Art


Having always loved art and colour, I discovered glass making in 2013, attending various courses in fusing and slumping in Bristol. It was love at first kiln firing!

I had no idea at the time that my great grandfather Andrew was a glass blower in the 1920's and 30's in Portobello, Edinburgh and then Glasgow. It seems that my love of glass was perhaps in my DNA.

Following a long and busy corporate career in HR, it took a redundancy and change of lifestyle for me to take the plunge and begin my own glass making business. I can't tell you how much I love it!


Now, in my studio in Rugby, Warwickshire, I works with warm glass techniques, creating kiln formed fused glass.

I create contemporary homewares, glass art, gifts and wall art.

My love of the ocean and trees inspires much of my work and I naturally gravitate towards a colour palette of blues and greens.


However, I love to create glass to suit the tastes of all of my customers and work in a wide range of contemporary styles and colour combinations to produce glass art and commissions for a range of aesthetic tastes.

My work incorporates glass in many forms including frits, powders, stringers and reactive glasses, as well as a range of inclusions from metals, wire, oxides and enamels.


My background in painting on canvas has also allowed me to transfer my painting skills to glass.


I create bespoke painted seascapes for commissions in addition to wall art featuring some of my favourite coastal areas.

I create my paintings using a range of glass enamel and artisan paints, as well as glass powders

Bawdon Lodge event    _edited.jpg

I love my time in the studio, but I also love getting out to meet customers and sell my fused glass at events.

Past and future stall holder events include Art In The Park, in Leamington Spa, Art in Dunchurch with Warwickshire Open Studios, Bawdon Lodge Farm in Leicestershire, Princethorpe Clollege and Compton Verney in Warwickshire

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My daughter Olivia Grace is the inspiration for my business and it's name.

I have rebranded to include my own middle name Emma, so becoming Emma Grace Glass Art

Olivia is a talented glass maker herself and is a constant and positive supporter to me and the business. She is a skilled stall holder!


Apart from being in the studio, my happiest place is by the sea and the frequent visits I take to Devon and Cornwall with my husband and daughter, gives me constant inspiration for my work.


I love the ocean, beautiful trees, salty fresh air and catching the sunlight on water.