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Commission Pieces

It is lovely when I get asked to do commissions for customers who have a special idea for a piece of glass they would like to have at home or give to  someone as a gift

See below for some examples of completed commissions

Commissions are a collaborative process and require lots of open communication between artist and client to make sure we are all clear about the desired product and process. I am always happy to chat about what might be possible and whether I can help.  I will always be honest about what is achievable, taking into consideration glass stocks available, time, processes and skill set!!

Is bespoke glass expensive?

The term 'bespoke' is often interpreted as expensive, but it doesn't need to be! Bespoke simply means that the customer has a say in the design, shape, size and colour of the piece that they commission. It is made to order and personal to the customer. If you would like me to replicate a piece that I have already created, but just in a different colour or with some slight changes, it is likely that it will be priced as the same or very similar to the original piece. Commissions for completely unique pieces are likely to cost more, but I will always discuss budget and agree a cost before the glass is made. I ask for a 50% deposit at point of order.

If you would like to discuss a possible commission, please contact me via the form on the contact page or email I would love to hear from you!

Some Emma Grace Glass Art
Commission Pieces



The Bass Guitar

I was asked to create a piece featuring a bass guitar for a musician who was celebrating a special birthday. This piece was created on stone opaque glass, with kiln fused black vitrigraph and murrine. Mounted on a white wood block for hanging. He loved it!


Northern Lights

This lovely customer had a love for the Northern Lights and wanted me to create a scene with black mountains in the foreground. After searching for some very special artisan glass, I was able to create this beautiful freestanding wave.



The 18th

I was asked to do a unique piece of glass for a special 18 year old. The brief was to incorporate her love of music and ballet, her initial, the number 18 and her favourite colour green.

She loved it!


The Rainbow

This customer loved the statement piece on my home page which is a transparent circle with a mosaic, painstakingly designed with more than 20 different hand cut blues and greens, mounted in a stunning handmade iron stand. The customer asked for a similar piece but in the colours of the rainbow. I LOVED the finished piece and so did the customer! It looks stunning with the sunlight behind it.



Three for a Girl

These customers had just had a baby girl and wanted a piece of unique glass art featuring three magpies. A combination of glasses was used to achieve the mustard/amber colour they wanted, which was enhanced by a beautiful bed of artisan murano glass. The piece was finished with a hand painted tree to house the very important hand painted Magpies. A very special piece to mark the arrival of a special little girl.


The Ammonite

These customers loved ammonites and wanted a subtle and natural freestanding piece of glass.

Copper Oxide powder was fused between glass which reacts in the kiln to create beautiful natural blue bubbles. The ammonite was hand cut and hand painted and then fused to the base glass with delicate teal reeds to add movement and texture.

The customers were delighted with their unique piece


The Paratrooper

This was a special birthday gift for an ex-serviceman who had been a prestigious paratrooper in the Sphinx Battery. This piece needed to be just right, down to the hand-painted maroon beret. This freestanding curve was created with a range of glasses and many hand painted details. It was fired a total of 4 times so had over 85 hours in the kiln!


Special Gifts

Sometimes I commission myself to create special gifts! I made the purple piece as a birthday gift for a close friend who is both a fan of the sea and a fan of the musical legend that is Prince.

The green piece was a tree of life for a very dear friend to remind her that she was the roots and life force of her lovely family, at a difficult moment in her life.


Ocean Circle

This customer loved my statement piece, the Ocean Circle and asked if she could have a larger version. This piece is 30cm in diameter and has over 25 different colour glasses in blues and greens, with each mosaic piece cut and assembled by hand and fused in the kiln.

It is mounted in a bespoke iron forged black stand and looks stunning in her sunny position atop a beautiful driftwood table.


Autumn Path

This customer liked a piece of wall art called Autumn Path, but wanted the same design as a transparent freestanding piece for a gift, so that the recipient could really see the light through it.

It was a great idea as the rich autumn colours look beautiful with the sun behind them and the oiled oak stand really compliments the piece. The customer loved it!


The Evie Dish

This beautiful dish was commissioned for a special 16th birthday. The lady in question liked grey and rose gold so I wanted to create a timeless piece that she could keep forever.


The Birdcage

This piece was commissioned by a lady who wanted a special 50th birthday gift for a close friend.
The brief was for a soft colour palette, a vintage feel and two birds to symbolise their friendship. The soft straw gold was to symbolise '50'.
The recipient was delighted with her very unique, hand painted glass.


Family Tree of Life

This large 30cm circle piece was a commission from a wife to her husband for his birthday. This hand painted tree of life is unique and incorporates the initials of the couple and their two daughters. It is mounted in a bespoke Anton stand as is set against a stunning plum textured glass. The whole family were delighted with their bespoke glass art.



This customer wanted an interesting and unique piece of glass for her new kitchen. The colour palette was grey and white and we both had fun picking lots of different sections of glass to combine into the finished piece along with glass stringers and confetti. A truly unique design that fitted perfectly into it's new home.


Lily's View

All commissions are special but I was very touched to get this one. A lovely family had lost their beloved dog Lily and had scattered her ashes on her favourite beach. The husband sent me a photo of Lily, and another photo of the evening they spent on the beach saying goodbye to her.
He wanted a bespoke fused glass painting for his wife to commemorate Lily, and that special family evening.
This piece is hand painted and was then kiln fired.
The recipient was thrilled with her thoughtful gift.


Ruby Hearts

A double Commission!
This customer wanted a red heart for a birthday gift and a red heart for a Ruby wedding anniversary gift.
I created two very different pieces. One is a soft edged heart created with delicate red frits against a beautiful white and clear textured back ground.
The second heart was created using lots of hand made red pebbles, fused together into a gorgeous heart and set against an opaque red glass.
Happy customers all round!



The Sunset

While I naturally gravitate towards a cooler palette, I loved the challenge of this commission to create a striking sunset in yellow, orange and red tones.
The customer sent me some favourite pictures for inspiration and I created this sunset by sifting and gently layering glass powders which were then brought to life when fired in the kiln.
Mounted perfectly in a beautiful black Anton stand.
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